Lettering is the new Monet, and it’s everywhere. Granted, embroidered samplers that said HOME SWEET HOME have been on walls forever. But the massive, life sized, sign like lettering that dominates the walls of home spun decorating trends is relatively new. Words that announce the family motto, declare a warning, issue an invitation, state a purpose, or sound a retreat… whatever. Tall letters on a wall – painted or chalk – appear to be a trend that intends to hang around a while.


No, Rustic Chic is not an iron chicken sculpture. Maybe a little. But not totally. It’s a new trendy word for what’s been passing as the Farmhouse style. If we were in the 80’s hair band era, Rustic Chic could be a rock hair band distantly related to Twisted Sister.

Rustic Chic is the new word for the familiar decorating trend that extends itself to the laid back vibe that’s vintage and groovy where re-purposed treasures that make your room unforgettable.



You don’t live in a house; you live in a HOME. You can tell people why each piece is  where it is. You create “areas”, and areas have that feeling that is unique to you. Midnight, ice cream, and old movies under your favorite throw on the most comfortable couch ever.

If that sounds good… you might be a Nester.


It is often to the customer’s benefit to purchase large items such as furniture from a brick and mortar business (in-store) and not online.

The tug of war between online sales and in-store shopping continues. But, to the surprise of many, in-store shopping is holding its own despite the convenience features now available in a variety of online platforms. This is especially true in the furniture business.

Why do we say that? A recent article on RetailDive.com, Why Most Shoppers Still Choose Brick-and-Mortar Stores Over E-commerce stated the following reasons people still prefer to purchase many things in a brick and mortar:


“The ability to see, touch and feel products as well as take items home immediately rank highest among the reasons consumers choose to shop in stores versus online…”

“One in five consumers cites easy returns as a key reason for shopping in stores versus online.”

To those reasons, add:

  • The customer does not have to assemble the item
  • The item is inspected for damage before customer takes delivery – not  after
  • Store handles warranty issues if items are damaged
  • The customer does not have to handle repacking and shipping a large item if that becomes necessary


Before you walk into our store and touch or sit on a piece of furniture, we have to unpack, inspect, and assemble. And if a piece is damaged, we contact the manufacturer, we pack and ship the item. These are things you don’t have to deal with.

When you walk through our doors we have performed due diligence to make sure the piece you purchase is ready to go home with you and make you happy. Like a puppy. And again, if there is a defect we missed, we call the company and we handle the warranty issues. Not you.

So yes. We get it. Sometimes, ordering online saves money. Or does it? It depends. How is your blood pressure? And what is your time worth?


We’re told not to cut corners.
Corners can be …complicated. Truth be told, we can’t cut them. Without them, the roof comes down. But from a decor point of view, they often do little more than gather dust. Or worse, that’s where a misbehaving child is docked. “Time out for you little guy. Go stand in the corner.”

Stop the madness.

Give the corners of your room new purpose in life. Let them contribute to the overall well-being of the room. Sure…without them, roofs would fall down. But sometimes, that’s not enough. Invite a neglected corner to the party.

With this corner piece at Maupin’s Home Furniture any corner can go from silent step sister to Cinderella.

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