We like to call this look Battered Industrial Farmhouse. And you can imitate this trend with a few well chosen pieces from Ashley and Coaster.

  1. Donny Osmond Apothecary Cabinet  from Coaster- in stock at Maupin’s Home Furniture
  2. Scott Living side table by Coaster – available for order
  3. Distressed Traditional Accent Chair by Ashley – available for order
  4. Industrial Coffee Table by Ashley – In stock (similar to illustration

All that’s left to do is add some personal favorites that speak to your personality. In the image you see boxing gloves, a bike on the wall, some interesting lighting fixtures and a weather box on top of the cabinet. Use your imagination, add these pieces and you have our Battered Farmhouse look.


People often tell us they need help with ideas for decorating their home. They not only want furniture that is comfortable, they want a room that is stylish and unique. We enjoy helping people create a custom style in their favorite rooms. In fact, it’s safe to say that’s one of the favorite parts of our job.

With that in mind, we are introducing a new series on the MHF Blog call “Recreate This Look”. We will feature an attractively interesting room and share various pieces from the Maupin’s showroom or manufacturer catalogs that would recreate the look. We hope this gives you ideas.  Also, if you have pictures you would like to recreate, bring them in and let us see what we have on our showroom floor or in catalogs that will make it happen.

Industrial Retro Cozy

So, you might call this room Industrial Retro cozy. It incorporates the popular home decor trend of recreated / updated pieces from the 60’s and 70’s. Add the industrial touch of the coffee table that, in an earlier life, was a barn dolly, giving the room some texture. Minimal but very cozy, the room is pulled together with two woven rugs, simple but effective pillows, and a large clear jar holding some native plants. Toss a throw blanket over the arm of a chair, place a clean and unoccupied bird cage as an interesting conversation piece, furnish a weighty lamp to complement the bulk of the coffee table and you are done. It’s that simple.

We hope this inspires you to take a blah room and turn it in to a BoomBah! room.

Until next time….

Cindy Stagner


Lettering is the new Monet, and it’s everywhere. Granted, embroidered samplers that said HOME SWEET HOME have been on walls forever. But the massive, life sized, sign like lettering that dominates the walls of home spun decorating trends is relatively new. Words that announce the family motto, declare a warning, issue an invitation, state a purpose, or sound a retreat… whatever. Tall letters on a wall – painted or chalk – appear to be a trend that intends to hang around a while.


No, Rustic Chic is not an iron chicken sculpture. Maybe a little. But not totally. It’s a new trendy word for what’s been passing as the Farmhouse style. If we were in the 80’s hair band era, Rustic Chic could be a rock hair band distantly related to Twisted Sister.

Rustic Chic is the new word for the familiar decorating trend that extends itself to the laid back vibe that’s vintage and groovy where re-purposed treasures that make your room unforgettable.



You don’t live in a house; you live in a HOME. You can tell people why each piece is  where it is. You create “areas”, and areas have that feeling that is unique to you. Midnight, ice cream, and old movies under your favorite throw on the most comfortable couch ever.

If that sounds good… you might be a Nester.

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