There’s a lot to say about this spot. Herringbone throw, something crocheted, swing arm lamp, shabby chic mantle flying solo with no fireplace, and a paisley chair (Or are those amoebas? Paisley? Amoebas? Amoebas? Paisley? Just wondering. Always have.)

But our eye goes to the sequined pillow. Monotoned … or as monotoned as something like a sequin that reflects light can be. And, because of that refracted light, the pillow manages to match all the other gray tones in the room. The chair. The crocheted foot rest. The scrapes on the solo mantle. The rug. That is it’s genius. If it weren’t for the pillow this room would be manic.

And, who knew you could get your bling on with pillows? But you can. Pillows are harmless. Seemingly. But these harmless swatches of fabric and stuffing can take room bubbling with chaos and sit all the players in a row and get them to raise their hands. Pillows can be the generals in a room where the battle is on for focus.

Cindy, resident pillow-ologist at Maupin’s, can tell you all about the power of pillows. Come down and visit.


The chair and a half, by La Z Boy is the loveseat’s little brother. As one observer put it, if you sit facing forward, your feet on the ground – military tribunal style – this chair’s probably not for you. On the other hand, if you are a curler, who likes to wrap up, curl up, ball up, and settle in for a good, comfortable sit, this just might be the chair for you. The size is perfect for people and for rooms. For spaces that need a bit of a statement but not a full on reckoning.

Loveseat’s were ok. But the only people that didn’t avoid them were hormonal teenagers and children who liked the idea of being big enough to stretch out to the entire length of a couch some day. So we were “conflicted” about loveseats. It seems the Chair and a Half is loved or hated, embraced or shunned. But the curlers know. The people who site by wrapping around and under themselves and pillows. The people who settle in for a good chat. The long haul sitter loves the Chair and A Half…the loveseats little brother.