No, Rustic Chic is not an iron chicken sculpture. Maybe a little. But not totally. It’s a new trendy word for what’s been passing as the Farmhouse style. If we were in the 80’s hair band era, Rustic Chic could be a rock hair band distantly related to Twisted Sister.

Rustic Chic is the new word for the familiar decorating trend that extends itself to the laid back vibe that’s vintage and groovy where re-purposed treasures that make your room unforgettable.



You don’t live in a house; you live in a HOME. You can tell people why each piece is  where it is. You create “areas”, and areas have that feeling that is unique to you. Midnight, ice cream, and old movies under your favorite throw on the most comfortable couch ever.

If that sounds good… you might be a Nester.


The matchey-matchey trend is old news.
The current trend is the mix-and-match approach, which focuses on unique style and personality.

Why is this so popular? Home decor is now about creating a look that displays personality as well as “things”.  “But,” you ask, “what if I don’t have that ‘style gene’ (air quotes). I don’t know how to put things together in a unique but stylish way? “

We understand and you are not alone. Most of us were NOT born with that home-decor-meets-Cher gene.

Good news! Cindy at Maupin’s Home Furniture has that gene and she’s a certified Home Guru. Plus, she is happy to help you create your own home decor style. Bring in a picture of the target room and watch her go to work.

Plus, Maupin’s continues to bring in pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a look for any room that perfectly says YOU!


Combining color in an eye-popping way takes talent, but that skill can make a room go from a 7 to a 10 on the scale of incredible in a single bound. Off-Whites, deep blues, and turquoise unite to create a drop dead georgeous combo in this vignette at Maupin’s Home Furniture. The white and off-white trend came back in with a bang when removable furniture covers arrived on the scene. And it  seems it’s not going away any time soon, and rightfully so. The versatility of off-white can’t be matched. You can upscale a room into a more elegant ambiance or dial it back to a more casual vibe simply by fine tuning accessories adding choice furnishings.

Cindy combined the beautiful colors of this vignette with interesting patterns such as abstract patterns in the rug and wall art and lettering patterns in the furniture. The end result is stunning and suitable for most rooms, most tastes, and most budgets.


The Bohemian – or Boho – decor trend is mainly about heavily applying color and loosely applying control. A great place to begin building the look is choosing a colorful sofa. Blue is ideal because it is a friendly color that works and plays well with most other colors. But, if you would like to take the look up a notch, add orange. Blue and orange are compliments on the color wheel which means when you put these two colors together you ramp up your decor from impressive to unforgettable. Used together they pop, creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

If you are interested in the Boho trend, we can help you kick things off with a blue Ashley sofa that is built for comfort and versatility.It can fit any decor theme and any room layout. Let Cindy help you mix and match some dazzling accessories to turn your room into a statement.

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