Industrial Style at MHF

The industrial trend or industrial chic style in home decor probably got its start somewhere similar to the So Ho district in New York, NY – an area full of loft apartments transformed by factory-fashionable decor comprised of  tarnished metals, dark woods, exposed pipe, exposed brick, concrete and tall ceilings. It took hold in the late 2000’s and continues to be popular today,  This buzz in extreme trends has caught on in decorator hives worldwide sometime in the late 2000’s and continues strong today.  MHF has both furniture and accessories to complete the industrial look. Lamps. Shelves. Desks. One of our favorites is this pipe, metal, and large globe lamp. It is stunning in the living room, den, man cave, bedroom… you name it. Ultra versatile, it will give any room that industrial appeal.

The building blocks for the industrial look include a natural color palette such as a mix of grays, neutrals and rustic colors. These simple colors create a silent backdrop that allows for industrial pieces to do their stark but stunning dance, while creating a natural flow to the room.  Large open spaces and minimal barriers, exposed frames, and interior windows complement the effect.