Trends Come, Trends Go….What Stays?

Great question! And “Hi”! Welcome the Maupin’s Home Furniture blog. Let’s talk about trends. It seems, these days, everything runs in trend cycles. Right? Smart phones. Clothes. Cars. Friends. Home decor. You name it. But  the trend of living up to trends gets expensive. Who has the pocketbook or time to give their home a makeover in lock step with the latest trends? But have you ever met that person who can make something out of nothing? That person’s whose sense of style transcends trends? They don’t have to recreate the latest look because they have a sixth sense about how to work with what they already have and by adding the right touch here and the odd but right touch there they create a look that is unique, non-trendy, and unforgettable.

Home stylist Cindy Stagner has that touch. Bring your favorite Pinterest picture to Maupin’s and let Cindy help you create the room you dream about. All within your budget. Or, if budget isn’t the issue, but a sense of style is, let Cindy help you put together a look that says “come on in, take off your skin, rattle around in your bones.”

Trends and style are relative. Comfort and taste are classic elements that can be added to any room with the right pieces. If you need a little help finding your sense of flare, Cindy’s there and ready to help.

So trends come, trends go. What’s stays? A classic sense of style that can be re-interpreted to enhance your taste in home decor. Come to Maupin’s Home Furniture and let us help you put your home together.