Maupin's Compared To Shopping Online

9 Reasons To Shop Maupin's

9 Reasons To Shop Maupin's

Maupin's offers huge selection, competitive prices, and a list of services you won't get when you shop online. MOUSE OVER or tap any box to get more details.

Convenience And Price

Our Prices Are Competitive And You Can See The Products Before You Buy

The price you see online is usually before tax and shipping. Once those things are added in you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that the prices are Maupin's are often in line with online companies. But even if we are a little more, you are gettig services and value that don't come with online purchases. Read on.

Something for every style...

Large Selection and Custom Fabric Options

Our showroom is over 11,000 square feet.

Plus, we offer products from 7 national manufacturers and that includes their online catalogs. We can order your items if we don't have them in the store.

Our LAZBOY Comfort Studio lets you customize a piece from a large selection of fabrics.

And Don't Forget

Financing and Delivery

Maupin's offers 12 months at 0% interest on approved credit and we deliver. There are some restriction and limitations. If you have questions, please give us a call.

Time Is Money

Let's talk about the things you never have to do when you shop at Maupin's Home Furniture.

You probably never thought about it but...

We Uncrate and Check Items For Damage

Uncrating a large package can be time consuming. When you purchase from Maupin's you won't spend time getting pieces out of a box or crate. And we check it for damage. If there's a problem, we ship it back to the manufacturer.

Put Your Tools Away

No Assembly Required!

Not everyone salivates at the sight of assembly instructions and L wrenches. In fact, we suspect most people would rather have a root canal. If this describes you, imagine what you could do with that time instead. We are happy to take on stress for you.

Your Part Is Easy

We Put It Out In Our Showroom So You Can Try It Out

What a relief. What could you do with that extra hour or two (or six for the "assembly challenged")? The possibilities are endless.

When There Is A Problem

If an item is damaged or the wrong piece was shipped you might spend hours on the phone. And more hours boxing the item back up. Or finding a box since you demolished the one it came in when you unpacked it. We know. We've been there. From start to finish - when there is a problem - we do our best to see the transaction through to a happy ending.

When Something Isn't Right

We Handle All Damage and Warranty Issues

If it is within our power we will fix the problem.

If the manufacturer needs to be contacted we make the calls, we sit on hold, we tell the story and then tell it again if need be, and we get the ball rolling. And you go garden or go to work or play golf.

Where's That Box

We Un-Assemble and Re-Pack For Return Shipping

We do that. You don't have to. Repacking an item isn't always as easy as it sounds. First you have to find the L wrenches and take it apart. And if the box or crate was accidentally destroyed beyond repair when uncrating? It happens. We know. Again, it's our job to find a suitable box and get everything ready to be picked up. Add another two hours to your week. If time is money, you are getting rich.

Refund or Replacement

We Stay on Top of The Issue Until It Is Resolved

We see it through to refund or replacement. Either way, we don't abandon you. If damage or warranty issues have to be dealt with, we stay on it from beginning to end until you have either a piece of furniture you are happy with or a refund.