Our story

A bit of history

A Rare Commodity

Maupin's Home Furniture is what has become a rare commodity: a locally owned, hometown business with a long record of taking care of its customers. In this age of corporate giants and "big box" stores you have the refreshing story of Maupin's Home Furniture, now under the stewardship of the 3rd and 4th generations of Maupin's.

Wadel Maupin

2nd Generation

Cindy Stagner

3rd Generation

Mike Stagner

3rd Generation

Brian Stagner

4th Generation

Our Story

About 1945 Wade L. Maupin and his wife Edna May, opened a little automotive and home supplies store ...


Wade L and Edna May

This is how it's began

About 1945 Wade L. Maupin and his wife Edna May, opened a little automotive and home supplies store on New York Avenue in Alamogordo. The store was called White's Auto. They also sold rockers and platform dinettes.

The store itself was located on the lower level of a little two store building, and Maupin, with his wife and their small family lived in the upper level. Wade quickly gained a reputation for being friendly, fair, and honest. Because of Maupin's great reputation, his business grew as the citizens of Otero county heard about Maupin and his store.


The 1st Move

Move To Delaware Street

In 1949 they bought Garrett's from the niece of the infamous lawman, Pat Garrett. Maupin's made the move to their permanent location at 9th and Delaware in 1953. However, at that time, the building was one story. Two expansions followed. The second story was added in 1967, and a west side addition was completed in 1976.


Wadell Takes The Reins

2nd Geneneration

In 1968 at only 52 years old, Wade L. Maupin passed away leaving the operation of the stores to his young son Wadell. Wadell had spent his entire working life working with and for his dad in the operation of the stores so even though he was young, he had no trouble taking over management of the stores, and his father's reputation.

The fact is, Wadell is a reflection of his father. Their customers, some now 3rd or 4th generation. Their customers appreciate the policies and reputation of the Maupin stores.


Mike And Cindy

3rd Generation

Mike and Cindy Stagner bought Maupin's in 2016 from Cindy's father, Wadell. They continue to operate the business on the same solid foundation of offering quality merchandise and superb customer service. Add to that Cindy's stylistic eye for popular trends in home décor and Mike business experience in retail. The end result is a continuation of the family legacy in Otero County called Maupin's Home Furniture.


Enter Brian Stagner

4th Generation

And now, the fourth generation joins the saga. Mike and Cindy's son, Brian Stagner, has retired from his successful landscaping business and joined his parents at Maupin's Home Furniture.